Age: 21
Education: Economics and Business Economics at University of Amsterdam
Work: Part time work as a Customer Due Diligence Analyst and volunteer work at the Ronald McDonald House in VUmc
Lives In: Centrum

Why am I participating in Miss Amsterdam:
I wanted to take more risks in life, so signing up for Miss Amsterdam was a perfect way for me to step out of my comfort zone. Participating in Miss Amsterdam pushes me to learn many new lessons. Not only do I expect to learn how to network and socialize, but I expect this journey will improve my self growth. This journey will push me to accept and embrace my flaws and strengths. By participating in Miss Amsterdam I am hoping to gain more confidence and get to know myself much better. Additionally, I look forward to becoming a sisterhood with my fellow participants.

What makes me unique:
What makes me unique is that I am a multidimensional woman. There are many layers to the person that I am. Every page in my book is different, and some chapters can even stand on their own, but they all contribute to the whole. I am constantly molding and evolving, learning and breathing in the lessons I come across while walking through life. However out of my many characteristics, I believe my integrity really contributes to my uniqueness. I am always true to myself. I like to think that I have a limited amount of time on this planet and therefore I’m not going to spend it being a watered down version of myself just so other people can like me. As the writer Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment”.

What do I want to mean for the city of Amsterdam:
I would like to display the cultural diversity in Amsterdam and how everyone in this city comes in all different shapes and sizes. The multicultural aspect of Amsterdam is beautiful and should be shared with all.

What don’t people expect from you ?
People usually think they know me very well, but then they are always surprised to find out there is more to me than meets the eye. Many people don’t expect me to be as smart as I am. I tend to surprise people with some of the things I know. I don’t try to hide parts of myself on purpose, it just naturally happens.

Many people would also never expect me to participate in Miss Amsterdam. I’m a bit shy, so it shocked many of my friends that I’m participating in a pageant.

If I become Miss Amsterdam 2019, what do I want to be committed to?
If I become Miss Amsterdam 2019 I would like to be a role model for the young-adult women in Amsterdam. My main goal would be to show women how to find self love, in order to become an empowered woman. Additionally, I would like to focus on mental health and destigmatize it and the conversation surrounding it. I believe it is important to take care of ourselves and our mental health, in order to become strong, empowered women. I would also like to bring focus to sustainability and keeping the environment healthy. In the end I believe we only have two homes, earth and our bodies, so it is immensely important to take care of both.